New Year…Fresh Start

It seems fitting that just four days into 2011 I feel renewed.  As student affairs professionals, I am sure that we all just had a break.  Every year at this time I am reminded of how each new year is a new chance to refresh ourselves.  After long semesters filled with stress, student drama, students-in-crisis, late nights, and long weekends it can be easy to dread the coming semester.  These next couple weeks (more or less)  are a time to refocus, plan, and prepare for a new opportunity.  I know that I take a few hours before each semester writing down some lofty goals to be completed by May.  This provides me some intentionality in my work; it also provides me direction.  In the end, when we are refreshed we can better serve our students and help them develop.

It is our hope, that with this blog, we can share our experiences with our students, learn from each other, and make connections across the state of New Jersey.  I encourage you to comment here, contact us at, and look for us at conferences in the future.  Thank you for reading, and we look forward to work with and for your in the future!

-Michael Miragliotta, Secretary of The Jersey Alliance


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