Who You Gonna Call? : Vendors, Resources, and More!

As a student affairs professional, you often find yourself ordering things that are considered to be a bit “off the wall” such as fake eyeballs for the Biology Club on campus, Balloon Arches for Move In Day, or Life-Sized cardboard cut outs of Superhero’s for the Greek Welcome Back Block Party.  Since we can’t always ask our other professional friends out there who may have chosen a different careers such as banking or retail where we can order things like this, we as the Jersey Alliance felt that we could share what we know! My hope is that through this blog we begin sharing some of our favorite vendors and professionals out there who are offering support services that can enhance our programming and leadership of our students.

The first resource that I will mention is to look at our professional associations for a list of resources as many organizations out there have a listing of associate members or donors. It goes without saying that if these organizations are spending money to join our associations or support them, that they probably also support our mission to educate and enhance our students college experience. Some of the professional associations that I have or currently belong to that support associate members are:

Sometimes we are in need of professional speakers to come onto our campuses to educate on a certain topic or just to give a different point of view than our own. Sometimes its just the case that you want to give your students the same message but from a different voice! Even I must admit that it happens that my students grow tired of listening to me which is why I bring in speakers sometimes! The following is a short list of organizations that have a fantastic array of speakers of which whom I have interacted with and had a genuinely positive experience with:

There are also other professional associations that offer us great resources that we can use to help us on our campus. Here are some organizations that offer educational, charitable, fundraising, awareness and service resources: 

What would student Activities or Residence Life or Greek Life be without T-shirts and customizable giveaways? Who knows, but here is a list of vendors that I am aware of that do a professional job on a consistent basis and have a great variety of products that they offer:

Then there are the more “off the wall” things that we need as Student Affairs Professionals such as the fake eyeballs and balloons. This is a short list of some places that I have ordered from:

Lastly, we all know FREE is good. Here is a list of some free resources that I have come across over the last few years as a professional that I happen to LOVE using or have been recommended by professional colleagues!

As I mentioned earlier, this is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the vendors and resources that are out there that can assist us in our mission to educate and enhance our student’s experiences. I encourage you as the reader to add your favorites to the list! Thank you for reading.

Thea Schoenberg

Assistant Director for Greek Life and Wellness

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Email: thea@njit.edu


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