Welcome to the End (of September)

Where did the month go?  If you are like me September was over before it even began.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly this first month can fly.  I wanted to take a moment to stop, relax, and breathe.  With one month over, it is easy to forget that taking five minutes to unwind can be important.  Here are some tips to how I unwind in my office.


  1. The water cooler.  Take a moment to grab a drink (non-alcohol, of course!).  I use the water cooler in my office as a moment to walk away from what I am working on.  That 30 seconds getting water, nodding to colleagues, and just not concentrating on my work can take me from STRESSED to breathing normally.  Sometimes a quick walk from your computer or a nice saunter out of your office can make all the difference to coming back and being motivated to finish your task.
  2. A quick website.  Find a website that has short, quick things to read.  A webcomic, micro-blog site, or news site often have shorter articles that you can read in five minutes.  Find something that interests you to take your mind off of work for a few minutes.  Make sure the site has short articles so you do not find yourself reading all morning when you should be focusing.  A short webcomic can make you laugh, lighten your mood, and give you the emotional boost to finish the job right.
  3. Schedule management.  I am NOT a morning person.  I know this and I try not to schedule meetings prior to 10am.  It does not always work, but most days I get a few hours to organize my day and get through my emails before being off to the races with meetings.  Look at your schedule and be smart about how you organize it.  When possible stick to your decisions on why meetings are scheduled the way they are on your calendar.  Be flexible and understand that it is not always possible to have meetings when they are most convenient for you, but if you are aware of your best times you can organize your work day to best fit these times.
  4. Lunch treat.  Lunch is my saving grace some days.  If possible, treat yourself at lunch.  Some days, when the day is just stressful, the week is long, and the light is not showing at the end of the tunnel, I take myself out for lunch.  I rely on my one vice, anything with sugar usually, and treat myself to lunch.  That hour can be a spa retreat in the middle of crazy day.  For you this may mean running to the campus coffee shop or eating that candy bar you are saving for the rainy day.  Find something you love and reward yourself for being so stressed.  Bring the “spa retreat” to you in whatever what you can.


September is finishing and October is looming.  This month may have happened without you consciously realizing it, but you can make sure that next month moves at an easier pace.  Take time to break up your day to rejuvenate yourself.  Use one of the simple things I discussed above or find another way to find five minutes of bliss in the craziness of your daily routine.


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