Life in Transition

I believe The Jersey Alliance Executive Council is an amazing group of professionals; I’ve witnessed first hand, how each person brings a unique and different strength to our organization.

On that note, we are just human. We make mistakes. We have changing priorities in our personal and professional lives outside of The Jersey Alliance. For example, it’s been just under one year since we met for our first Executive Council retreat and in this one year’s time our Council members have professionally: advanced in new jobs, built foundations for new traditions on their campuses, and developed strategies for outreach and growth. In their personal lives they have: accepted marriage proposals, had babies, moved homes, and even ran marathons (literally), among a list of other exciting things. I could go on and on, but you know what I’m talking about. We are people who are living, working and constantly dealing with life in transition.

Life in transition is what you make it — for some of us, transition is more welcomed than others. In the next few months, we are looking for your flexibility to challenge “what is” in terms of professional development. Our goal is to drastically change the way you’ve ever thought about professional development in higher education and student affairs. The Jersey Alliance is planning our first official conference for February 2012, centered on BIG IDEAS. And to quote our Vice President of TJA, “we’re not just planning a conference here in NJ, we’re sending a message and making history….”

We hope to have you on board, be on the look out fore more information on BIG IDEAS for New Jersey Student Affairs.

Follow our conference planning at:!/BigIdeasNJ

Michelle L. Brisson
President, The Jersey Alliance


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