Recently, life at work has been a blur.  By the end of the day I can hardly remember what the beginning of the day was like.  I was reflecting back on this today as I realized that my blog was supposed to be posted on Wednesday (and it is now Friday afternoon).  As disappointed as I was in myself for missing the Wednesday at noon deadline I set for the blog during its inception, I realized one thing.  I was not stressed out.  As busy as work has been, I have been loving every moment.  As I took five minutes to breathe before starting this entry, I was reading Facebook.  I looked at all of my colleagues and friends in this field and one thing stood out.  It is common for us to love what we do.  


I saw posts and tweets about loving the students they work with, missing them as they move out for Spring Break, praising the work of student organizations, and raising up co-workers who are doing great work.  We in student affairs are happy people, and that shows me that we doing what we should be doing.  I have heard the quote, “When you vocation feels like a vacation you are doing the right thing.”


 I believe that we in student affairs are lucky.  Despite the drama and long hours, we are generally in a field that is laid back.  We work in environments where doing a ropes course, chatting with students at lunch, and attending programs is what pays the bills.  I get stressed at times, but what always helps me refocus is thinking about the awesome field we work in.  I am thankful for organisations like this one, ACPA, NASPA, NIRSA, ASJA, and all of the others we get to be a part of.  I am thankful for my wonderful co-workers, my awesome  job, my amazing employees, and for the opportunity to get to share my thoughts with you.  I hope that you have noticed that student affairs is the career for you because I know it is the career for me!


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