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Just in the past week I had two ideas that I would like other state divisions, associations, passionate professionals, etc to steal. I recently went to the Skillshare Penny Conference, and it was amazing. One of the themes at the conference was open education. The speakers challenged the audience to go back to their jobs and work towards making education more open. I thought about what I could do, and realized it’s my turn to write a blog post. So this is my first step towards open education, its not a big step, more like a baby step, but a step nonetheless.

Just in the past week I had two ideas that I would like other state divisions, associations, passionate professionals, etc to steal.

How often do we plan professional development workshops on topics like event logistics, managing volunteers or innovation? Normally the workshop includes some sort of “expert” doing a lecture. Here is an alternative solution I’d love to see The Jersey Alliance do this summer, and I am asking anyone that reads this to steal the idea. One of my favorite companies is Red Frog Events. Red Frog does some of the coolest, most innovative and fun events. This summer they will hold the Warrior Dash in Morristown New Jersey. They are looking for volunteers to help with day of logistics and running the event. Imagine if even 15 of us went and volunteered in all different roles, than asked a Red Frog Events person to come and facilitate a discussion with the group afterwards. We could learn new ways to manage event check in, find out how they get their day of volunteers psyched up for the day, and pick expert minds about integrating innovation and fun into events. Not to mention the other benefits: a day networking and working together with other Jersey professionals, a fun day outside, and yet another free t-shirt! 🙂 is an awesome organization whose mission is to transform education by empowering teaching and democratizing learning. They recently started a new initiative, “Skillshare Schools”. Basically, Skillshare is an excellent partner for any state division. They have an excellent model for life long learning. Essentially they facilitate the process of identifying local experts to serve as teachers in anything from how to do basic HTML code, to supervising techniques to how to bake the perfect cupcake and EVERYTHING in between. After you read this post, check out If you are a passionately curious learner like me, you will love Skillshare. Essentially, The Jersey Alliance will be looking to partner with Skillshare to talk about ways to increase professional development programming in the state. Do you work with an association, division or department to plan professional development programming? Cool, feel free to steal this idea.

Courtney O’Connell

The Jersey Alliance, President Elect

Want to take a step toward open education with me? Have an idea? Comment on this post with your ideas and let’s get a good idea thread going!



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3 responses to “Steal My Ideas

  1. I stumbled upon the Color Run, where participants get painted a different color for completing each part of a 5K race. It can definitely be adapted for college campuses and possibly even used for charity/fundraising purposes! Something to look into it at

  2. I want to create a YouTube Channel that is equivalent to Public Access TV that covers all “common sense” things.

    No clips longer than 60 seconds.

    Example, righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. Quick demonstration that makes viewer understand and never forget.

    The hitch. Lessons are given by a variety of people who submit their own way of explaining common sense.

    It’s crowdsourcing what the crowd things everyone knows.

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